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Rebuilding Boundaries

Radical skills for practitioner self-care

with Dr. Seroya Crouch

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7 Weeks

May 3rd - June 14th 2022

Starting Tuesday May 3rd, 7-9:30pm EST


REGISTER after April 16th

I invite you to join me for this course, in community with other practitioners of diverse professions, to include yourself more deeply in the therapeutic relationship. You are the key part of the equation! Losing your vitality through over-giving and poor boundaries, is a net loss to the whole practitioner-patient system, and it belies the holism that we espouse.  By nurturing awareness of your sacred Self through learning advanced subtle anatomy, guided exercises and subtle energy skill development, I intend to inspire you to connect with the inner abundance of love, support and Source energies that are our birthright. Speaking directly, with clarity and transparency, within a supportive group of like-minded beings, who have also dedicated themselves to healing and being healed, I create a container of deep acceptance and witnessing to help you embrace your full self, and naturally develop better containment. Excellent boundaries are an emergent meta-property of the dynamic system that is you in your fullness! Strong boundaries are the root of self-care, and without them we will always have energy drains in our lives. With strong boundaries comes the capacity for deeper compassion, tender presence and clear intuition that further support us on the practitioner path.

Course Structure

The course includes:

  • 7 LIVE 90+ minute class sessions via Zoom

  • Handouts and illustrations

  • Group support forum

  • Recorded sessions are available after each class


Each session includes an opening meditation, sharing period, sacred anatomy teaching as a foundation for a new skill, skill exercise, and a practice assignment for the coming week.


Required Commitments

Full Participation

The course is designed to build skill and capacity  week by week, and you are asked to commit to completing the exercises between classes. If you miss a class you are asked to experience the recording prior to the following class.


This course is a sacred container for the healing of healers, and I ask everyone to commit to  confidentiality regarding anything shared by another participant so that all may feel free to share about their challenges and experiences. Such freedom will enrich us all, as we find that we not alone and can create space for mutual support and healing.

WEEK 1 : Growing Into A Larger Vision Of Self

A familiar story, what is practitioner burnout?

  • Strategies to build skills and resilience

  • Why are good boundaries rooted in a larger vision of self?

  • Boundaries vs "protection"

  • Energy anatomy and how it relates to boundaries

  • The Heart Flame

  • Deeper questions about self-care

WEEK 2 : Meeting The Core And Channel

Experiencing the fullness of who you are

  • Aligning with your spiritual core

  • What are the 7 systems of the energy anatomy?

  • The Layers or "Bodies" system

  • Physical, emotional and family of origin relationships to boundaries

  • A different kind of boundary between practitioner and client

WEEK 3 : Energy Boundaries For The Whole Being

Witnessing your whole energy body

  • Energy anatomy of the whole energy structure

  • Discernment vs shielding--what is "not I"?

  • Merging, over-caring, and energy drains

  • Hidden agendas and how to deal with them

  • Strategies to limit merging in your personal and professional life

WEEK 4: Radical Embodiment Vs. The Ascension Myth

Overcoming obstacles to being in the body

  • Learning about spiritual incarnation and embodiment

  • Being in the body and the value of presence

  • Using the 7 Chakras to take charge of your life

  • Does being witnessed challenge parts of us that don't want to be seen?

  • Identifying blocks through practicing embodiment

WEEK 5: Reclaiming Your Boundaries

The 3 main components to complete boundaries

  • Returning to self

  • How it can be damaging to take on energy from others

  • What happens when you can't naturally shed toxic energy

  • Increased capacity = clarity, movement, joy, peace of mind

WEEK 6: Deep Witnessing

The power of being present with "what is"

  • Witnessing with the awakened edge of the energy structure

  • Sharing shifts we experienced with clients and family

  • Deepening your practice, discernment, sovereignty, and compassion

  • Holding space for the point of your souls creation

  • Learning the anatomy of how to self witness

WEEK 7: Bringing your Whole Self To The Table

Practicing witnessing out in your daily life

  • Boundary shifts with clients and family

  • Applying these skills into your professional practice

  • Divine Core and the capacity to self-witness

  • How to manage when you encounter blocks

  • Identifying next steps in the journey

Reclaim Your Boundaries.jpg
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