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Meet Dr. Seroya Crouch

Naturopathic Doctor
Energy Psychology Practitioner
Integrative Mental Health Specialist

As a naturopathic physician and integrative mental health practitioner, I have learned to work with the anatomy, physiology and mind to free up the life energy of a person, removing obstacles to healing, repairing structural damage, and providing support to nurture the healing process.  At the same time, I studied many spiritual teachings, loving the essence of truth at the heart of each one, and allowing them to feed and strengthen my own spiritual core.  This fueled my interest in healing methods that work with the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of being in additional to physical health. 

I discovered that ecology and physiology are one and the same, and that they must be respected, nurtured and sometimes supported through awkward stages in order to flourish.  From that foundation ,I explored the psycho-spiritual aspects of healing through process therapy, past-life regression, mind-body medicine, gemstone energy medicine, energy psychology and integrative medicine. I have learned that healing may look quite different for different people, and even though an illness may not go away, sometimes the person becomes whole, in touch with their entire being in an unprecedented way, and that wholeness touches others, having a ripple effect on the world.

Meet Seroya

Naturopathic Medicine



Naturopathic medicine has its roots in traditional medicine of the West, and ­is based in the premise that our body knows how to heal if we only remove the obstacles (often lifestyle and behavioral) and provide the necessary support (nutritional, enhanced blood flow, detoxification, herbal medicines, and many other therapeutic modalities) to aid in the healing process. Naturopathic medicine uses a multi-pronged approach to address health issues from several angles simultaneously, creating healing synergy. Consultations in Naturopathic Medicine examine the roots of illness or imbalance from a deeply holistic point of view (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social and ecological), and focus on rebuilding vitality through a variety of natural approaches, so that health may be restored and maintained. If overall vitality is low, then gentle persistent treatment ensures gradual change for the better. If overall vitality is high then more dramatic treatment and lifestyle changes will yield positive results. Since chronic disease has generally taken years to develop, it is reasonable to expect it to take some time to improve as the various pathogenic factors are identified and “unwound” and the body rebuilds itself into greater health. Naturopathic medicine is one of the few preventive medicine approaches that truly prevents illness through enhancing health and disease resistance and is appropriate at any age.

Energy Psychology & Energy Medicine

Mystics of many cultures around the world recognize the existence of an energy body that surrounds the physical one, and they have developed techniques for self-development and healing.  Several cultures call this the "rainbow body"and there are many similarities between their descriptions.  Repeated experience with your Rainbow Body allows you to develop your subtle senses and increase conscious ownership of your entire being, thereby enhancing both intuition and presence. This is particularly helpful for healers, coaches, teachers, counselors and others who interact with a large numbers of people, or who interact very deeply with fewer people. It is also helpful for empaths and highly sensitive people (HSPs) who find themselves overwhelmed by others’ feelings, electromagnetic influences, noise, and the world in general. The most effective way to heal and empower your Rainbow Body is through a combination approach over 6-12 months that includes monthly individual sessions to address personal issues, with online courses, or in-person workshops that are specifically designed to impart knowledge and teach new skills that integrate into your daily personal and professional life. Awakening the Rainbow Body is both empowering and protective, and allows you to be more authentically yourself as you become even more translucent to your inner light. 

Anytime we shrink ourselves down it causes pain in our system. When we can bring our whole self to the table it allows us to feel good, alive and nourished.


I feel like I have a whole new life after working with Seroya! I went to her with severe health problems when no one else could help.  Her gentle strength and brilliant ability to get right to the core of a problem is spectacular. I highly recommend her!!

— K.Powers


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