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If you are a new client, a 20 minute consultation is required to assess the suitability of this approach for your needs. While it is certainly possible to schedule up to 3 sessions on a casual basis, after that I require a commitment of 10 sessions scheduled monthly.

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Let's Work Together

In private sessions we focus on current issues in your life, through the lens of subtle or sacred anatomy, to identify, clarify and complete the issue or lesson involved so it can be permanently released. In the process, you participate in experiential learning about your sacred anatomy leading to greater self-knowledge and self-expression. Sessions involve work with Source energies, Guides, and deep witnessing of your sacred Self. They can include clearing of intrusive energies, removal of energy signatures, structural alignment and repair, completion of karmic agreements, release of self-imposed impediments, psycho-emotional and trauma responses, and Soul wounds, as well as restoration and replenishment. They are not intended as spiritual first aid, but are available for deep and intentional healing and growth. 

Sessions are 90 minutes long and are conducted over Zoom or in person.  

Session fee $350

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